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Picture of Hemp Flower Bar

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Exclusive Services

CBD Oils, Topicals & Oral Tinctures

Topicals and cremes

We offer only the best remedies of alternative medicine for a multitude of symptoms. Come by today and try a sample of our Buddie Relief Rub!

Chocolate, Gummies, Cookies...

Artisan Gourmet Chocolate

Fun-tastic, Delicious, Knock-out Selection of Chocolate and Gummies, a variety that accommodates to most.

Texas's Best Hemp Flower

Hemp flower. T.H.C.A. , C.B.D , Delta-8

We offer only the best Hemp Flower that is responsibly sourced and Lab tested.  Mind + Body + Soul APPROVED.

CBD for Dogs

Furry Friend C.B.D. Tintures

Calming Remedies for Furry friends of all sizes. Perfect for traveling and medicating during the Holidays!

Disposable Vaporizers and Cartridges

Disposable Vape pens. Looper

Featuring Products: Looper, Olah, Zombie & more

Glass, Torches, and Accessories'

Glass, accessories, and cleaning supplies

...what more do you need?

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